Integrating basic Mindfulness Meditation with Spiritual Direction Workshop


In today’s world we are continuously bombarded with information. We give very little time to focus on our inner self for contemplation or to de-stress. Most people in today’s world are reacting continuously to news in an environment that is mainly negative which can be stressful to their health and the people around them.

Mindfulness meditation is a well-known ancient practice that has benefits of decreasing depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress while increasing working memory, focus, empathy, compassion and much more.

In this workshop, we will learn basic mindfulness meditation techniques with a few practice sessions and then learn and experience how easily it fits in with spiritual direction.

Click here to register for the upcoming workshop on 02/23/19 

With Mindfulness Mediation we can open ourselves and tap into our innate true nature of loving awareness. From this awareness we can easily connect with compassion, love, empathy and deep listening for spiritual direction and interactions in daily living.

Mindfulness Meditation and Spiritual Direction are powerful tools that can be used everyday to gradually reduce stressful reactive living and transform it into a clear, positive, compassionate and responsive way of living.

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